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About Better Homes & Services

Choosing to undertake a home renovation project is both exciting and enjoyable, however, at times it can also be a stressful, frustrating imposition.

Better Homes & Services is wholeheartedly committed to serving your complete home improvement needs while preserving the privacy that your home affords you.

Your residence is the place that offers refuge from the outside world. It is the place where dreams are born and families are nurtured. We go to great lengths to assure a positive experience, excellent craftsmanship, and unparalleled professionalism.

We feel this is to be expected when you allow us the privilege of entering your home as we facilitate your home improvement needs. Call us and see why Better Homes & Services delivers.


Better Homes & Services is well versed in home improvement projects of all types. We are the personifcation of professional and we guarantee a quality repair.

We proudly work on jobs ranging from minor repairs to major renovations and new construction.

Some of our services include: Kitchen & Bath remodel along with Drywall and Tile work. We are ready to handle anything on your honey to do list!


"In Indiana, temperatures rise and fall to intolerable extremes, with the air feeling muggy and dry, or frigid and wet inside of households everywhere. An air conditioner and a heater are necessities of domestic life here, and why we also expect them to be fully functioning at all times. If they aren’t, you and your loved ones lose the comfort of home - something no one should have to deal with. Avoid that situation with Better Homes & Services HVAC maintenance team.

Our mission is to provide our customers in the midwest region with air conditioning and heating maintenance that is affordable, reliable, and always available. Our staff is trained in ensuring 100% customer satisfaction and compliance, with a heavy emphasis placed on timeliness and detail.

By doing so, we seek to foster a relationship with our customers as individuals, not clients. This allows us to better accommodate your situation, and makes us feel right at home. Please do not hesitate to reach out with any questions, comments or feedback."

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Tammy R.

"Better Homes and Services was hired to remodel an existing bathroom. They removed the existing floor pan and surround and replaced it with tile. They did an amazing job. Each day, they were punctual and very professional. They cleaned up at the end of each day and kept dust to a minimum. Overall, an enjoyable experience. Highly recommend this company."

Bin W.

"We are thrilled by the result and the job they did. They did everything that I asked them to and more. Folks are professional and friendly. We'll definitely hire them again when needed."

"It was awesome! The bathroom looks great! That's why we are calling him back for another estimate on some upcoming work! He is very trustworthy! We were at the point where we just gave him a key to the house so he could come and go to get the work completed as needed."

William K.

"When I called, I was told a man would be here in an hour which was a pleasant surprise! He arrived on time, gave me an estimate. A new door knob was required, he made the trip to Lowes, bought the door knob along with a new deadbolt. Came back and installed both and was done very quickly! As this happened RIGHT before Christmas, I was impressed with the speed and professionalism of the workman!!! I would recommend this company to ANYONE!!!!!"

Taylor J.

"My interaction with the company was really great. My experience with the company was very very good, he was really a nice guy really down-to-earth with solid principles and legal ethics. The top man

seemed pretty trustworthy and reliable and their repairs

were good."

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